Good Health And Safety Practice Boosts Productivity

Whatever kind of business you run, you’ll undoubtedly want to know about any simple steps you could take to improve productivity among your staff.

Personnel Today recently reported on the impact that following good occupational health and health and safety standards can have on people’s productivity in the workplace, and the results could surprise you.

If you don’t already plan regular health and safety training sessions for everyone you employ, now could be a good time to book in the likes of manual handling training in Surrey to ensure everyone knows how to stay healthy and avoid injury at work.

One occupational health specialist told the publication that she was contacted by a small business owner who reported a 75 per cent increase in profits after she helped solve an issue with occupational asthma.

Another specialist in this area advised businesses to be proactive in their approach to health, safety and workplace wellbeing, making sure they act before there is a problem rather than waiting for issues to arise and then having to solve them – and potentially see staff off sick as a result.

Good health and safety practice needs to be embedded at every level of a company, the news provider stressed, which means running regular training sessions with all members of staff is essential to ensure they all understand the importance of health and safety procedures, as well as how to follow them.

The agricultural industry was recently advised to pay more attention to health and safety practices, not only to reduce injuries, illness and fatalities in the sector, but also because of the considerably larger fines now being issued by the Health and Safety Executive where breaches are reported.

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