Fireman Takes Professional Safety Knowhow To Web

Nobody knows the importance of fire safety as well as a fireman and anybody seeking fire warden training in Kent might be interested in reading veteran Benjamin Walker’s fire safety tips, which he is making digital.

The Burton Mail reported that the fire service instructor has been awarded a national accolade for his contributions to safety over the course of his career, and he will receive it at the Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards in December.

Walker, a Burton-resident, is launching a new campaign to promote fire safety, which will be available worldwide. The fireman has already penned three fire safety instructional books for others in the service.

Social media and technology company Social Mimi is taking Walker’s experience and wisdom to the internet, making his tips for fire safety available to a global audience.

“This type of training isn’t a replacement for hands-on training, but will certainly make a huge difference in educating and allowing firefighters to protect their communities better as a result whilst gaining a recognised qualification,” he was quoted as saying.

Walker’s safety books are currently used across the UK to train all new firefighters and in another 53 countries around the world.

Prevention against fire is being pushed by the London Fire Brigade, which is calling on the construction industry to make fire safety a priority.

The Brigade said recently that it comes across serious flaws on a regular basis when doing inspections, including poorly designed fire safety systems, and a lack of understanding about fire safety from those managing the buildings.

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