Fire Safety Costs For High-Rise Buildings Climbing

The cost of implementing essential fire safety measures in high-rise buildings following the Grenfell Tower disaster is climbing, with councils and housing associations having spent at least £600 million so far.

This is according to data published by the BBC, which revealed that this figure is expected to rise considerably as many councils and landlords are still working out their budget to carry out the required safety works.

According to the news provider, the cost of arranging emergency checks, as well as the expense of fire wardens, repairs and safety improvements, is expected to run to well over £1 billion around the country.

However, there are still questions over who will foot the bill for all of these works, with many saying there isn’t enough clarity over what funding central government will provide, and who will be eligible to receive it.

Paul Dennett, chair of the Greater Manchester High Rise Task Force and mayor of Salford, told the BBC that he believes the government should take responsibility – and therefore pay – for it.

“I believe it’s a failure of regulations and I believe it’s a failure of government to regulate the industry, and I do genuinely believe the government should pay for this and take responsibility for it,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the London Fire Brigade Commissioner recently told Sky News that she can’t believe domestic premises and schools haven’t been fitted with sprinklers, commenting that they save lives as well as help put fires out.

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