The Different Types Of Fire Extinguisher Explained

All businesses are at risk of fire so it’s important to undergo fire extinguisher training in London or elsewhere so you know how to react and what to do if a blaze does break out.

There are different types of extinguisher that you’ll need to know about so you know which one to use depending on the kind of fire you’re dealing with – so make sure you check before tackling fire or you could make the situation worse.

Powder fire extinguishers offer all-round fire protection but they’re the only ones that should be used for any fires that involve flammable gases. Foam extinguishers, meanwhile, are idea to be used on fires involving solid combustible materials, as well as flammable liquid fires. The foam these extinguishers use helps to prevent re-ignition as well.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers can be used on flammable liquid fires or those involving electrical equipment. Water extinguishers, meanwhile, can be used to put fires out involving combustible materials like paper or wood – but remember not to use these around any electrical equipment.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers can be used to put out burning oil fires so would be good in a kitchen environment, for example.

You can also invest in water mist fire extinguishers these days as well, which cool the fire enough to suffocate it and then cool what’s burning to prevent re-ignition. If there’s a site where there are multiple fire risks, this would be a good option for an extinguisher.

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