Have You Checked The Latest Government Fire Safety Advice?

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster there has been a lot of work on fire regulations for buildings of all types, not only residential tower blocks but also schools, care homes and business premises.

At the end of September, the Department for Communities and Local Government issued updated interim safety advice for building owners, specifically for those who own properties that are fitted with cladding where the filler doesn’t meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

The advice issued at this time is to ensure building owners have a clear fire safety policy in place for residents until remedial works have been carried out.

Undertaking a fire risk assessment ni London or elsewhere in the country if you haven’t already done so is essential, as is informing your local fire service to ensure that firefighters’ lives aren’t put in danger in the event of a blaze.

Ensuring that all the residents of your building understand the fire safety guidance and what emergency procedures they should take in the event of a fire is also vital. Landlords are also expected to assess every resident to determine their ability to evacuate the building without assistance.

There are a number of other areas of guidance that you should make yourself familiar with if you’re in this situation.

Last month, the National Fire Chiefs Council highlighted the importance of fire safety doors in properties of all types, noting that fire doors can only work effectively if they’re installed properly and maintained regularly.

The organisation also noted that people who live and work in buildings where fire doors are used need to be educated about how fire doors work and the importance of always using them correctly.

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