25 Cars Damaged In Blaze At Bolton Garage

Over 25 cars have been damaged after a fire on Monday November 6th at a single storey car garage in Bolton, a blaze that required specialist equipment including technical rescue units and aerial platforms because the fire reached 50 by 25m in size at its height.

According to the Manchester Evening News, 50 firefighters were called out to tackle the inferno, with some crews still on the scene Tuesday morning.

Ben Levy, group manager with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, told the news source: “When the first fire engine arrived at the scene, it was clear that it was a significantly developed fire. Firefighters worked in very poor conditions with excessive black smoke, but quickly got the incident under control. Firefighters have done an amazing job – and no doubt will continue to do a great job through the night.”

Having someone on site at all times who has undergone the appropriate fire safety training would certainly be wise if you’re to protect your business and those who work there. Yes, this fire happened late at night hopefully after everyone had gone home but it could easily have been a different story and loss of life is the last thing that anyone would want… especially if it could have been avoided by something as simple as going on a training course.

If you think this is an area in which your company could improve, get in touch with us here at Aim Fire to find out how we can help make your business safer for all this year.

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