Water Awareness Training Course

The Half-Day Water Awareness Training Course has been designed specifically for all personnel who work on or near water. The minimum requirement for staff is at least the attendance at a water awareness course; this is Module 1 of 5. General water safety for all staff including local authority, police, rescue workers, recreational instructors environment agency, utility company staff, engineers, media etc that have the need to work near to, on or in water.

This course is ideal as an induction to comply with the requirements and to maintain Water Rescue competencies and skills. This half-day course is theory based and provides the underpinning knowledge to meet that requirement.

The course consists of:

  • General Water Safety Awareness
  • Basic land based rescue techniques
  • Introduction to water safety PPE
  • Principles of Water Safety
  • Hazard Awareness and associated risks
  • The dangers of working near water
  • Basic safety measures
  • Water hydrology
  • Scene organization
  • Varying rescue options
  • Case studies and video on live rescues
  • Liaising with emergency services

water resc1

On completion of this training session, delegates will have a clear understanding of water safety within the context of their own company. Learning outcomes will include how to:

  • State the hazards associated with working near water;
  • State the safety measures to be put in place when working near water;
  • Identify the correct PPE associated with water safety;
  • Identify different rescue equipment used in water safety.